Flyer for features for kid friendly pool

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Scholarship Description

Bayon Pools have appropriated $1,000 US dollars for the 2019 year for one or two annual scholarships to help with the cost of higher education.  The money will be donated according to an individual(s) that has volunteered their time to help with aquatics (swimming, design, clean up, pool safety awareness, etc), especially if that action was done in Cambodia with a preference for Phnom Penh.  The only requirement for on going reception of the scholarship will be a 2.0 gpa and a short article describing (along with a photo) the recipient and how they advanced aquatics.

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Picking a Luxury Pool Design 3 Tips to help the Pool Planning Process There’s a lot to think about before you start building your pool and spa project for your Cambodia property. After all, building a pool is the biggest investment you can make in your house and one improvement that can make you feel […]

lap pool

Building a pool in Cambodia’s Capital has some unique challenges. One challenge is most residences have limited open space. Fitting a pool in a tight spot takes some creative thinking and smart engineering. It also helps that we are able to build the pool right up to the property line and there are no setbacks from the house (in the west, most building codes require 10-50′ off your neighbors property and 10′ from the house). Also some of the “smaller” pools that have been built in small spaces have ended up being some of my favorite pools as the finished product looks so beautiful.

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