Download a FREE 21 page guide for building your new pool in Cambodia.

Your family and yourself have had the dream of a having your own swimming pool in your backyard. While it is still a dream, we can help visualize and build that dream. Our guide shows our design process and also the following pool construction timeline.

Our 21 page Cambodia Swimming Pool Guide shows:

  • Choosing the correct pool construction method and the right material to go along.
    • The Design guide talks specifically about gunite vs liner vs fiberglass vs block concrete (or brick wall) construction.
  • Selecting the best shape and size of your new pool
    • There are numerous linear options for an inground pool, while there is infinite amount for freeforms and whatever you can dream of, we can build.
  • Designing the whole project, including the surrounding area of your pool with landscaping, fencing, pool patio, etc.
    • Some pool builders just want to build the pool and they neglect planning for incorporating landscaping, fencing, outdoor seating area, etc.
  • Picking the correct accessories for your pool and special features like an automatic robotic cleaner.
    • There are many options for pool pumps, filters, cleaners, etc and we break down these options into easier digestible bulletpoints
  • Better understanding the associated costs with constructing your dream swimming pool
    • We try to be as transparent on the costs associated with each part of the pool, but with how customized each pool is, it is really hard to give exact numbers until there is an exact design that is chosen, that an associated cost that be attributed.

Ready to start? Get your FREE Swimming Pool Design Guide today.