Residential Pools

I  have personally built (with a lot of help) hundreds of pools from start to finish. I started my pool career as a laborer and worked my way up to designing/sales to owner. I take personal pride in every project and building a pool is my passion. Building in South East Asia, especially Cambodia, brings upon its own unique set of challenges. I have worked really hard to eliminate these challenges and the customer can sit back and enjoy their build.

A typical residential pool project (gunite) will take 2-3 months to complete. My projects take longer then most companies as I won’t rush the project just to get to the next project. I have a full day built into my construction timeline that involves 4 guys (including myself) just cleaning, and doing final work on the project.

My Khmer is sub standard and have my wife who is essential to helping bridge the language gap between myself and my crew. However the more pools that have been built, the less communication is needed as my crew have come to understand the quality that is desired.  My crew is also paid a living wage, and I train (and provide free safety supplies) to teach safety standards that comply with international standards.

I personally will be on your job site every day that construction happens and am always happy to go over any questions that will arise when constructing your project.

Please contact us today for a FREE consultation, and we can talk more about your project.

Typical Construction Timeline

  1.  Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Excavation
  4. Forming the pool walls
  5. Plumbing
  6. Steel Rebar
  7. Shooting the concrete shell
  8. Curing the concrete (automatic sprinklers for one week)
  9. Tiling the pool
  10. Plastering the pool
  11. Balancing pool chemistry (2 weeks)
  12. Starting up the pool and general clean up
  13. Pool School with owner(s)