3D Pool Design

We use a multitude of programs to make beautiful renderings of your future project. We have the ability to make Virtual Reality walk-through videos, 360 degree videos, and construction drawings you can can build from. We use the latest software to render with and make use of GIS and Drones.

1st Step

First, we will go over your project via in person consultation, on the phone, Skype, or however you would like discuss your goals. After understanding the desired result, we will offer some suggestions and go over our process in more detail.

2nd Step

Next, We will take measurements and elevations of the property (and ask for a survey if you have one). If you are in a remote location, we can get pretty accurate measurements from GIS and satellites. We then start by building the property on our 3D program. After the residence layout is established we work on building the 3D house model and placing windows, doors, etc in accurate potions. From there we then work on the proposed parts of the project, IE swimming pool, cabana, sauna, tanning ledge, yoga deck, etc.

3rd Step

Lastly, We will take our 3D design and we make a presentation. Each presentation is tailored for the individual client, but usually it includes some overhead 3D rendering pictures, along with some construction layout pictures. We will go over the general scope from overhead shots, and will work our way into detailed close up shots and go over some of the intricate details of the project. Along with the pictures, and construction drawings, we will have a you-tube 360 degree video walk-through. We can also do Virtual Reality walkthroughs and/or give control of our computer so you can zoom in/out,and move freely through your project.

3D design anywhere

We can design in Phnom Penh, the provinces in Cambodia, or remotely anywhere in the world.

If we design remotely, we will need A LOT of pictures from you. It is also very helpful to have house survey, but if not we can use GIS and satellite images to get a close representation of your house layout. The presentation will be via Youtube and a screenshare video session where we will go over the 3D renderings. We are also more the happy to mail out any size (AC, AD, AE) drawings to anywhere in the world. We can also make and sell a 3D plastic model of your presentation.

Feel free to Contact Us    and we will reply promptly. Feel free to call at .092.818.636 and we speak Khmer and English.  Thanks!