Commercial Pools

New construction for commercial pools is a whole different animal then designing a building a pool for a single family residence. There are numerous scenarios and options just for the filtration side of the pool and plumbing sizes. Commercial pools need to be designed with high bather loads, extra attention to safety, low maintenance, and stunning appeal as the swimming pool can be the focal point of a hotel or restaurant.

Our process for commercial pools differ from residential pools. If there is already building plans for the pool, we are more then happy to bid on the project, but would like to deliver the bid in person. We will never be the lowest bid amount, and want to make sure what our bid entails as we think we give great value to our projects.

If there is not set building plans, the first step is having a general meeting and seeing the scope of the project and what is desired to be built. Usually we enter into a design contract and make some 3D videos, and plans and present to owner and/or representatives. After the plans are approved we can show what the itemized cost is and enter into a contract. We are insured and we will open a specific bond for each individual commercial pool project we build. We can also work with any unique constraints or requirement a company might have for the construction process and/or materials.