There’s a lot to think about before you start building your pool and spa project for your Cambodia property. After all, building a pool is the biggest investment you can make in your house and one improvement that can make you feel like you are on vacation.

At Bayon Pools, our designers take a creative approach to pool design. We first have to see the property, existing landscape, terrain and meet the owners. The residence is already going to have its own unique style that the future pool will need to blend with, but also as important is figuring out the families personality and blending their uniqueness while seamlessly blending the pool into the existing property.

Now, here are the 3 luxury pool design tips to help you get started.

#1 Where to Place the Luxury Pool

While most properties in Phnom Penh are flat, some of our customers in Ratanakiri, Sihanoukville, and Kampot have some slopes to their property. A hillside can really add some flair to a pool, hile a flat backyard will save some money on construction, but some design features might be unavailable or would have to be manufactured like a pool grotto.

Along with the sloped/flat backyard, what about privacy. Is privacy very important or could you care less; As this will have a pretty important part on deciding where the pool is located

With that said there are many different styles when designing a swimming pool, but an experienced pool designer can narrow down the options after a thoughtful, detailed survey of your property and also learning about your personality.

#2 What will the Main use for your Luxury Pool be?

Will the pool main use be for swimming laps? Well then a long linear pool with low maintenance would be perfect.  Do you want a family entertainment hub? If so then adding an outdoor kitchen and/or a shade structure for protection from sun are must haves. While some just want a pool to look at while sipping their morning coffee. If the aesthetics are the most important, then a Lautner knife edge, where the pool’s water is “full and reflection of the pool looks amazing, might be the best choice.

#3 Consideration for your Property’s Existing Architecture, while tailoring it with your style preference

Is your property a Chinese shop house with a small space in the backyard, a traditional Khmer wooden house, or a modern villa with extensive space in the backyard to work with? Depending on these questions, certain design principles will work to have your pool look like it was designed at the same time of the house. While you want to maintain continuity with the existing property, there are ways to add your individual style to make your pool stand out

Is it time to finally build your dream luxury pool you always wanted?

Stop dreaming and start pinpointing the options you need  with these 3 suggestions:

  • Look around your property  so you can pair your new luxury pool design with your existing outdoor space.
  • Figure out what the main purpose of the pool is, and tailor the design to really enhance that main purpose (fun, kids, exercise, art, etc).
  • Research (internet or in person) what style pools you love, and which designs that you love will “work” with your existing house or business.

Start designing and building your dream pool today! Contact Bayon Pools and we will help answer any questions and get the process started. Dont forget to download our free Cambodian pool design guide too!