Pool Prices in Cambodia

Dreaming of building your perfect in-ground pool, but not sure how much the pool will cost? Well…

The trickiest question I get is how much will my pool cost. Each pool is going to be unique and have different features and different combinations of pumps, skimmers, pipe size, etc. Even the exact same pool built next door could be cheaper or more expensive based on access to the pool area, and soil conditions.

However we give a ballpark number of 30,000$ USD for gunite, while block wall pools or liner pools are cheaper, (schedule a free, no obligation  consultation today). But again, the price can really fluctuate based on the design of the pool, and usually the best way of figuring out the price is getting a design for the pool. Once your happy with the 3D design of the pool, the price of the pool can be priced to the last Cambodian Riel.

With that being said, we are transparent and explain our contingency prices for hitting (big) rock underground (rare), fill underground that can not hold the weight of the pool, moving utilities, septic tanks in the way, and drainage lines. Some of these unexpected costs are easy to say: “If we find a boulder underground, we stop digging and call/email with our concern. We have a set price for jack-hammering the rock and we estimate it will take a day and a half. Can we proceed with this new unexpected cost. Once we get approval, we are on our way back to excavating. Some contingencies like hitting a septic tank underground, would require us to get a plumbing company to come and give a quote on how much to move the septic  tank, as we are not qualified to re-route sewer lines (and we definitely don’t want to do that work).

So in summary, we try to be as transparent with our pricing and give great value to our customers. We are also the first ones to admit we are not the cheapest builder by far, but we feel in the short time the value is excellent, we minimize “change orders”, and in the long run there are no costly repairs to fix.

And remember any pool company giving a quote over the phone or email, can not be giving an accurate proposal as there are way too many variables to go off a set number.

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