Bayon Pools -. Our 6 core Values & Beliefs.


We stress working safely, even when it means slower work or added costs. Safety is paramount and something that is continually talked about, especially working in SE Asia


Respect is incredibly important to us. Whether it is continuing education about construction, or making sure we dont work super early/late and no sundays. We dont work before  crazy hours for respect for our clients and their neighbors and also we make sure our employees have plenty of time for family.


We make sure we our on time for our appointments. Also just as important to being on time from the get go, is making sure the project is completed on time even when weather is crazy.


We make sure to charge enough money to make a healthy profit, but we make sure not to overcharge. If we bill for 2″ plumbing, you can be certain that 2″ plumbing will be used. The same way when there is a mistake that happens, we will fix the mistake and not just “cover” up the mistake like other pool contractors.

Customer Service

This one is always easy to say, the customer is always right. However accomplishing the A+ customer service in reality is a lot harder. Whether it’s answering an 11PM email on a Sunday, or changing out a stone you don’t like, we will always put customer service above making an extra dollar.

Great Support

Most of our products came with standard industry wide manufacture warranties, however we always go above and beyond on customer support. Forget which valve turn turn to vacuum the pool? No worries, a quick text/email/call and your question will have a solution.

Western Managed

Over Ten years experience in the swimming pool industry. Award Winning designer  (ASPS USA)

Experience Team Members

The same crew will be at your project from start to finish. We use NO sub-contractors and have  vetted our workers and believe in them to do outstanding work.


Our office staff is awesome in many ways, especially in their ability to speak Khmer (native) and english (fluently) is a great help.