I was brought on to a project to help make sure their 6 figure pool renovation went well. The pool was going to get new bluestone coping, a new automatic cover, nice tiles, updated to salt water, and new plaster.

Did your pool pump stop working? Do you need a second pump to help power a waterfall? Read below for the ultimate guide of pool equipment in Cambodia

Pool Equipment Repair or Replacement

Variable Speed Pump

The first and easiest way of updating your pool is changing your pool equipment. Updated your pool pump from a single speed pump to a variable speed pump will lower your utility bill a lot, especially with Cambodia’s expensive electricity. Another advantage is the variable speed pump can be new live to older waterfalls, or returns as the speed of the water can be change, thus changing the waterfall affect.

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Flyer for features for kid friendly pool

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Picking a Luxury Pool Design 3 Tips to help the Pool Planning Process There’s a lot to think about before you start building your pool and spa project for your Cambodia property. After all, building a pool is the biggest investment you can make in your house and one improvement that can make you feel […]

lap pool

Building a pool in Cambodia’s Capital has some unique challenges. One challenge is most residences have limited open space. Fitting a pool in a tight spot takes some creative thinking and smart engineering. It also helps that we are able to build the pool right up to the property line and there are no setbacks from the house (in the west, most building codes require 10-50′ off your neighbors property and 10′ from the house). Also some of the “smaller” pools that have been built in small spaces have ended up being some of my favorite pools as the finished product looks so beautiful.

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