Scholarship Description

Bayon Pools have appropriated $1,000 US dollars for the 2019 year for one or two annual scholarships to help with the cost of higher education.  The money will be donated according to an individual(s) that has volunteered their time to help with aquatics (swimming, design, clean up, pool safety awareness, etc), especially if that action was done in Cambodia with a preference for Phnom Penh.  The only requirement for on going reception of the scholarship will be a 2.0 gpa and a short article describing (along with a photo) the recipient and how they advanced aquatics.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates for the Bayon Pools Volunteer Scholarship must:

  1. Be enrolled in a higher education institution (university, college or trade school)
  2. Be able to demonstrate volunteer service for advancing aquatics
  3. Be able to demonstrate how their experience as a volunteer changed their personal
    prospective on life and on being an advocate for aquatics

Application Materials

Applications for the Bayon Pools Volunteer Scholarship must include:

  1. A response to the following questions/statements, using examples drawn from their life
    experience and which are not present in their resume:
    a. Describe what your involvement in aquatics
    b. Describe your career goals and how you may advocate in the future for aquatics
  2. A resume that outlines the applicants volunteer history
  3. One confidential letter of recommendation from an authoritative figure in aquatics.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all components of the application are submitted by the
due date. (Rolling Dec. 31, 2019)

Evaluation Criteria

A committee will recommend awardees to the
President of Bayon Pools for final review and approval. All applications will be
evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Compliance with eligibility criteria
  2. Essay Questions
  3. Aquatic volunteer history
  4. Confidential letter of recommendation
  5. General Impression

Award Notification and Acceptance
Bayon Pools will provide applicants with updates and award decisions via Email, but is not obligated to follow up with rejections.
The selected applicant will receive a certificate and, upon receipt by Bayon Pools of the required
materials, the scholarship will be sent to the accredited institution.


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