Worker skimming pool surface for debris

Keeping your pool crystal clear is relatively easy process. Here are 6 tips to help maintain your swimming pool. These tips are specifically curated for pool owners located in Cambodia like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampot.

Keep Debris out of the Pool

With the rain season coming upon us here in Cambodia, try to make sure to use your pool net and skim the surface regularly, especially after a thunderstorm. It is relatively easy to skim the surface for debris, as once the object settles to the floor it is harder to clean. Also a lot of the debris like sticks, and leaves will help algae build up in your pool. Keeping your pool skimmer baskets empty to, will help lower the burden of your filter from cleaning the water.

Check and Backwash the Filter (*IF you have a sand filter)

About once a week or when the PSI gauge has gone up 6-10 PSI, the sand filter will need  a backwash. This will help clean some of the accumulated debris in the filter and keep the water flow up. Cartridge filters and DE dont need to backwash every week. Cartridge filters will need to be cleaned at least once a year (twice is recommended) and DE Filters will need backwash about once a month, but there are a lot of different factors that effect when to backwash, and then D.E. powder needs to be added. Here is an article that goes into in depth about backwashing DE Filters.

Review Your Water Circulation

Your pool cleaning system needs water moving in the pool and throughout the pump and filter. This helps clean debris, but also helps distribute chlorine and/or other chemicals that have been added. If you have a single speed pump, I suggest having a timer on to keep the pump on during the day for at least 8 hours, and variable speed pumps are automated to run optimally during the day and at night they go down to around 25% to keep some water flow through the pool.

Keep your Water Chemistry in Balance

To properly sanitize your pool, chlorine either through chlorine tabs or salt water system will need to be in the pools. Salt water systems will have a computer that will alert the pool owner to low salt levels, while chlorine users will need to manually check their water. When in the hot season in Cambodia, be aware that chlorine will burn away at a more rapid pace then during the less hot months.

Along with chlorine, acidity and alkalinity levels need to be maintained. If you would rather a professional take care of the chemicals, we can come by once a week and clean and maintain the chemicals in your pool. We use a computer readout to properly balance the chemicals.

Periodic Vacuuming

Just like your house, your swimming pool will need a vacuuming periodically to clean the bottom of the pool. Generally speaking, once week is good enough, while substantial debris from rains might require biweekly vacuuming. If you are lazy we sell automatic pool cleaners such as the dolphin system. Contact us today for help on picking the best one!

Clean Your Accessories

Living in Cambodia I am sure you know how bad dust can be a problem. Periodically cleaning your accessories like pool toys, flots, loungers, etc can help to keep the dust and germs from entering your pool with helps maintain a good pool chemistry balance.


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